Saturday, 10 February 2018

055: skin deep worries

Drowned Thoughts by Kelogs

I think a lot. Unnecessary, necessary. But, I rarely share my thought to people. Sometimes, I do. But another time, my judgement just scream no, no, no and NO big time. Put up a wall, a tall one and just shove everything in the closet.

I guess, one of the best things I could do to not over think about something is to just stop thinking about that in particular and just move on. For example, my first week in the third semester of undergraduate study is a mess because I only occupy the minimum credit hours. I want to add another subject which is Phonetics and Phonology, but I was denied sobs.

Frustrated, I cried.

Hahahahaha, hell no. I just went to Sociology Department and submit a new application to add Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology instead. It was an impulse decision because it was the closest department to DELL. I think, I was rejected but nah sokay. I can handle second time disappointment. And that will leave me with 5 subjects (which I supposedly ace it):

1. English Literature: Beowulf To Johnson
2. Shakespeare In His Age And In Modern Context
3. Semantics
4. Introduction To Political Science
5. Sciences Of Hadith

2018 – My sole goal, the core of everything on the list is just to do things that makes me happy. If it doesn’t then just say NO (and freaking please stop thinking about it). When it’s done, then it is done – isn’t?

I no longer want to spend my time on things that would upset me at the end of the day.

Would you?

Heh, I will see you later!


Nurul Rasya said...

phonetic and phonology is one of my hated subjects in college lol. At first, I thought I'm learning biology because of the nose and throat position (idk how to explain this but I hope you get my point lol)

Syfka Aina said...

Yes, I would no longer do things that would make me upset instead lets focus better to ourselves! :)

faten.banana said...

hahahahahhaa I got your point! My friend who has taken phonetics got this nose trachea diagram on her board XD

faten.banana said...

Yeps! Let's focus on our self improvement!

Nurul Rasya said...

Taht dedication tho. Hahaha, At least I pass the subject lol.

Eyqa Zq said...

Yeah, just lets focus on other happy things. Do not let that shackle you, the world has so much more to offer. :D

Me myself will take a break a moment and refocus on the happy things instead. :D

Lya Amie said...

But what if that the thing that might be upset you at the end of the day is the thing that's actually the best for you? Would you still not do it? - this is a dilemma I'm having sometimes and it's hard to make a firm decision as to how to handle 'the thing'.