Friday, 25 August 2017

Merdeka!Merdeka! Blogger Contest


One of the reasons, I like about being a Malaysian is that we in general are really celebrative peeps! I mean, we celebrate almost everything without actually seeing races and religions as a huge barriers. Of course, we do quarrels once in awhile. But meh - let see the bright side and you will love it.

I kinda miss the time when I was in secondary school. My school is a school that full of multiracial people. We have huge Malays popularity (lol the word) and same goes to Chinese and Indians (Orang Asli and Thai also we got meh!) Half of my class is Chinese and the rest is a mix of Malays and Indians students. I guess, mungkin tu salah satu sebab aku boleh 'masuk' kepala dengan mudah regardless people kalau aku nak :') #RightEducation.

Reminiscing the past, my chinese classmates would visit us during raya and they really like kuih raya and also duit raya lol. I remember Lydia puts two oranges/mandarins inside my drawer yet I forgot to brought it home duh during Chinese New Year. And how we visited Durkga's house during Deepavali with Baihaqi's green alphard - which actually a van (funny story lol!)

My favorite local brand at the moment would be:

This is weird. I have been thinking for the past few months that I actually had never get a new telekung for my own self ever since I was in Form 2. The last one is the one that my grandma gave me the first time I came to Kelantan.

I am 20 now and you do the math :')

I have this weird tendency of not letting go things that I have used. Period of usage? Does not matter. I am loyal like this. So loyal that I just feel something is wrong with me. The flowers on the telekung has already worn out because my so cute little devil kitten decided to 'attack' me when I was praying. #CatOwnerProblems 

I should start saving money to buy a new telekung. Merdeka! Merdeka! Sale ( will take place from 25 August to 31 August (where you can find special discounts up to 80%!). And there are a lot of things that we can actually grab during this special promotion *angkat kening double jerk* 

Having a nice well made telekung would not hurt once in awhile right? 

Plus, it has been almost 8 years! 

Telekung Siti Khadijah Klasik Faatiha (White) (One set - Telekung & Kain)

Telekung Siti Khadijah TPO (The Prayer Outfit) 4.1 (Pink)

If you are a blogger (whoops!) and you want to join the same excitements (probably your own story too about being a Malaysian) visit Lazada! :D


Nurul Afifah said...

I still can't get over how expensive this is. but i knew it is of good quality. a friend of mine joke about her mother asked this as hantaran okayy.

Farah said...

I was so shocked when I first saw the price but my dad said, apa salahnya pakai benda yang elok kualitinya albeit a lil bit expensive untuk beribadah.

faten.banana said...

IT IS EXPENSIVE /me bawling/ hahahahahahahaha bet it would be a great hantaran XD

faten.banana said...

To be honest, me too! When I first check out their official website I was like WOAH /cries/ but again, it's been 8 years and I'm totally agree with your dad :D

sis gee said...

expensive but worth it!!

faten.banana said...

bull's eye!

Nabila Syifa said...

Sekali sekala.selalu kita baju makeup handbeg kasut nak branded je.

faten.banana said...

yep, den pun pikir benda sama ;-; why can't we pampered our self when it comes to our ibadah ._.

Rin Hijabist said...

wawauuuuu.seriusly nice entry! :D

Int.Qillxh said...

It is sooooo cute seeing kitten playing around with our own things but when it starts to devastated it, you will be gobsmacked knowing how quickly a little kitty can turn into a monster and that you feel annoyed. My cat once disrupted me doing homework and all he did was trying to catch my pen, so I gave her my earphone to play with but then I realized it has already broken bcs of him. Nvm, it was my fault huhu .-. Lol, sometimes old things gave so many memories, and we felt so attached to them.

faten.banana said...

wuhuuuuu thanks!

faten.banana said...

I would definitely miss my cats at home whenever I'm far away lol but those little devil XD Attached in a good way; probably our style to appreciate things, better.