Sunday, 20 August 2017

050: Hyping up for next new semester

I did pretty decent last semester. Decent as in I do not flunk any subjects which is wallahi  I can never be grateful enough. I was pretty upset with my own self because I am totally acting like a genuine wallflower in Introduction to Poetry class. I like the lecturer tho – she is fantastic (no argue) and she reads Kazuo Ishiguro (double fantastic!), it just me. You know, I was overwhelmed because of my limited knowledge which is ... dissapointing?

(That is the reason why you study, you clever!)

There was this one session held in class by my department about Islamization of Knowlege given by Dr. Mahmudul (our deputy dean for IRKHSS). I remembered how it excites me to read language. It was the time where I see language study in better wider spectrum. I even feels like wanting to be a journalist at that moment because, accept it – we lack of Muslims journalist. We had to rely on non-muslims journalist to report on issue surrounding the Muslim world. Well, there is nothing wrong about them writing the report but isn’t better if we are the one who did it?

me: *thinking hard about what I have wrote in the blog*

Blood, sweat and tears – the perfect metaphors to explain what it is like to survive last semester. Do better, that is the key and of course do not neglect a spark of fun too. I believe you always need to have fun in studies. Uhm, even if you don’t – just try.

Or force the fun. Lol.

For the next semester, challenge promises to come bawling in different faces. I’ll be taking seven subjects which still normal (18.5 credit hours) had to ace this one tho if I want to take Law as my minoring (in consideration).

I started exercising since last week. It is been a while since I loosen up the screw y’all (4 months holiday) and my body is in pain. I want to loose some fats, enough to make me look fit. Probably gain some muscle too, k joke. Everyone keeps telling me that I have gain weight – and yas it does. The makciks of course. The last time I weighted myself, it was 68kg. Since, I am quite on the tall side – friends told me that it is fine for my figure. But man, I was offended when I know Donghun is much more lighter than me when he is dang tall. *throws chocolate in my hand away* Plus, I might gonna start training for KWD (silat competition) which will be held at the end of the year. If I cannot endure the training, man, I probably gonna went mad (and suffers from muscle-sore).

I need to eat well too. I noticed that I can hardly refrain myself from eating too much. My too much is real too much that if I post the picture of my daily meals you would cry. A river.

I do hope that next semester (and more) would be a beautiful memory and a good starter for me.

So, Fatin;
Live healthily. Read plenty. Study better. Save money. Confront fears. Built Connections.

Be happier.