Friday, 5 May 2017

#April: a picture diary


To those who miss me (hopefully!) Hello guys! it's been awhile after such a depressing post. Lol. April tortured me in the first two weeks however, the other two weeks coming later is such a bless even though I suffered to more sleepless night, tiring training and non-stop submission after one another. Had few incidents such as me waking up at 9 in the morning when I supposedly have group presentation at 8.30 AM.

But, hey! Let's not count the catastrophe and focus to things that makes me happy instead :) We had enough negative vibes from the last entry already -_______-

Ever since I overcame my fear of touching this cute fuzzy ball (read: cats) last year, I had grow attachment towards them. You would find me suddenly meowing in the presence of cats. My university apparently had a lot of cats around the campus that even if they choose to name my uni as Abu Hurairah University, I had no objections, seriously speaking.

Among all of the cats, there is one cat that I actually adore so much. I don't think it has name nor do I did ever give one to it. She always linger around the area between the masjid and library; the route I usually used either to go to class in the morning or silat practise at night. So, each time I saw her I would go at her, pat her, play with her a little bit (no matter how late I am to class lol). It just becomes a habit.

She also got a twin who looks exactly like her. However, each time I tried to get close to, it will run like crazy.

(p/s: During the time I took the picture above, she's being extra clingy lol. She keeps playing at my leg, followed me half way when I wanted to walk home. )

Apparently last week, Kuliyyah of Education held a programme called Bazaar Che'Gu 2.0 for a week where they sold a lot of thing, mainly food of course. It also in conjunction with counselling week if I'm not mistaken because I managed to take a few test to determine my personality, work ethics and career preference.

The result, as expected ._. I am INTJ (Introvert iNtuitive Thinking Judgement) Most of the characteristics describe me thoroughly. They sent me the complete profile but I haven't got the time to go through all the materials.

So, who's also INTJ?

This is my first ever 'going-to-theater' experience, and to make it more memorable (lol) it's my friend play! I actually went there to support few of my friend who were going to stage their play under the name of 'Not A Production'.


It was basically a experimental theater competition among four campus of IIUM (Gombak, Kuantan, Gambang and PJ). However, there are only one participation from PJ (Not A Production) and the other three are from the main campus Gombak (The-Xcapism, Juragan Pentas and Projek Kawan-Kawan), the big names in Gombak when it comes to theater production.

I went there with a group of my others friend who were also there to support Mardhiyah and Fara ._. They were loud and supportive to be honest. Took a bunch of picture during that night, but its not on my phone :')

All of the team did a really great job. I was left with emotional impact from all the plays (Bermain Puteri, Santiran, Kepulangan Yang Dinanti and Kami Halimunan).

Another things that happened is, I already took Ujian Sijil Rendah for Silat Cekak back on 21 of April. The most awaited exam for those who took Silat Cekak :') Overall, I think everything is fine. Had few regrets but I can always improve it later. I just need to attend more training just to polish my skills. 

Most of the people would go missing after receiving their certificate. Hoping that I would not, because I still want to keep fit as Silat is the only way for me to let out sweat twice a week lol. Besides, I want to brush my skills more. Buah tak kemas sangat, ni ah masa nakbelajar tanpa pressure dah :)

Lepas USR haritu, saja nak mengikut ahli kelas silat cekak yang lain untuk majlis ijazah depa. Taksangka pulak malam tu banyak ilmu lain yang aku dapat. Dia lain tau bila bersembang dengan orang lama-lama dalam persatuan.

Aku memang rasa perbezaan sebenarnya, bila masa aku aktif berpersatuan dengan tidak ._. Dulu dekat CFS aku memang jenis buat hal aku sendiri. Memang pergi kelas latihan semata-mata untuk persilatan, takbercampur dengan orang ke apa :')

Cuma bila dekat Gombak ni, environment dia lain sikit. Aku dah mingle dengan orang, aku cuba untuk interact dengan orang. Built connection. Involved-kan diri dalam banyak aktiviti persatuan sebab rasa seronok dapat bergaul dengan orang. Pada masa yang sama aku jugak dapat kenal diri aku sendiri dari kaca mata orang lain.


Aku angkat kepala dari tingkap kereta. Soalan dilempar pada dua orang manusia dikerusi hadapan. "Kenapa senyap? Cerita lah lagi!"

Dua suara itu bergabung.

"Amboi!" Zarrin bersuara.
"Eh ingatkan dia takdengar!" Mazni. 

Rasanya semua didalam kereta dah meledak dengan ketawa, termasuklah Kak Bell yang asyik dengan handphone-nya tadi.

Tiba-tiba aku rasa kecik semula. Ketawa kecil dilepas dari mulut sendiri, anak mata lari entah kemana tapi mulut laju saja menjawab "Ala, aku memang takbanyak cakap. Aku suka dengar je." Jelas aku jujur. 

"Tapi betul, baguslah. Kau mesti a good listener ni."

Dia tembak. 

Aku? Mungkin.


"Kau ada berapa orang adik beradik?" Kak Shahirah memulakan sesi temu bual. 

"Enam orang, saya sulung."

"Eh sulung? Takmacam sulung pun!" Semua di meja mengiakan saja.

"Saya pun Sulung!" Aku angkat tangan, mencelah antara perbualan mereka. Automatik semua mata kini tertumpu pada aku. Mereka gelak. "Ni Sulung? Lagi tak percaya!" 

"Alaaaa, betul lah. Taknampak macam anak Sulung dahke?" Sewaktu di asasi, takkira kemana saja aku pergi pasti mudah saja orang untuk menebak bahawasanya aku ini anak sulung. Mungkin disebabkan aku terlalu dimanjakan oleh 'kakak-kakak' senior disini sampaikan aku yang takde abang mahupun kakak ini jadi terlebih clingy dengan orang.


Update pasal the most anticipated event in April (read: PBAKL2017) will come later wuhuuuuuu lol! I don't buy much, but I kinda like what I have bought.

Farewell, may Allah ease everything!


Nurul Rasya said...

fellow INTj here xD

and fellow anak sulung yang tak nampak macam sulung lol

Lya Amie said...

I was once scared of that fuzzy balls (read:cats) too but now I love them so so much. I've always wanted to watch a play or orchestra but I don't have the chance yet. Hopefully one day. Hiks.

Flavnesz said...

Theater..! How I missed to be part of it.. lol.. And that anak sulung part, I'm shocked to know it too.. I thought you're the youngest.. hahahaha

faten.banana said...


Eyqa Zq said...

May Allah ease your path faten. :D Im the only child of the family and people still having a hard time to believe it. haha. Maybe sebab dok hostel dari form one sampai lah U jadi tak nampak sgt manja tu. bahaha.

faten.banana said...

when the day comes, you surely need to!

faten.banana said...

I wish I would have the courage to join theater production :')

hahahahahaha apparently, you've been deceived XD

faten.banana said...

Amin, Inn Shaa Allah :D

Pergh, I can't agree more hahahahahahaha u does look matured and I thought its because you are much older than me (no offense lol)

Eyqa Zq said...

Lols. your words makes me reckon of an event where im become the presentator, i kept my age a secret so they think i am younger but have been called as 'kakak' instead. bahaha.

The Medicine said...

Assalammualaikum and Hi! I'm your new follower strolling here. Ceh. Btw your masterpieces are all made me goosebumps. Heh, loving it!

faten.banana said...

Waalaikummussalam dear follower hahahahahaha ceh i remembered you from the last post XD allahu, awat puji melambung ni but thanks nevertheless. I truly appreciate it tahap rasa nak screenshot je XD