Wednesday, 1 March 2017

043: Study, metaphorically speaking

I was staring at the dashboard, thinking absolutely nothing when a question pulled me back into reality: What is it like to be a degree student in language course, after a month? Ironically, darting my eyes over the calendar afterwards.

Does my life really go through the same cycle, every single day? Meaning, waking up at 6:30 in the morning (after 15 minutes of continously setting the alarm to snooze and wait-let-me-have-another-five-minutes-thank-you moment lol) walking to class for almost 30 minutes early because the distance is enough to burn all the calories you took during breakfast, class and more class, read and read, silat training and the list goes on. But it is always the same routine.

Really? The same routine with nothing to ‘spice’ the day? Really?

I’m in between to be honest.

I nag a lot during the first couple of weeks, to myself, to people. To almost anybody I met hahahahaha ._. It takes time to adjust myself to the new environment, maybe that is one of the reasons which makes me a bit demotivated to go through the daily courses. I hate routine, as I mentioned in previous post. Cepat bosan. But the classes are amazing! (read: uh-may-zing with a swag okay) Every single class is fascinating on their own, and man frankly speaking – I actually hate few of the classes at first until they suddenly got really cool (read: kewl). I mean, who don’t?

I am taking 6 subjects + Study Circle II and still continue my Silat practise (Currently in Kelas Umum – preparing myself for Ujian Sijil Rendah in May!) this semester. The practise is bearable probably because we haven't got into that intense physical training yet. 

Study? Metaphorically speaking is like this: 

#1 Makanan dah depan mata, tinggal kita sendiri nak ambil suap masuk kedalam mulut. Ada masanya kita akan dihidangkan dengan makanan yang kita takpernah jumpa, rare gitu - kita akan jadi clueless. Taktahu macam mana cara nak makan makanan tu. Makan dengan tangan, dengan sudu atau apa-apa kutleri lain yang memudahkan? Atau ber-eksperimen dengan cara sampai jumpa the right way.

#2 Kita semua diberi makanan percuma (yes, again) contohnya dunkin donut sugar glazed tu lol tapi kita decide untuk campak separuh bahagian donut itu. Makan sebelah je.

#3 Untuk makan, ada masa kita kena sendiri mencari untuk isi perut. Kalau tiada makanan disediakan dan kita sendiri pun tiada usaha, maka berlapar itu satu lumrah. Lumrah yang kita minta.

Lol. Everything is bearable at this moment. Alhamdulillah, Inn Shaa Allah may Allah showers us with rezki and His affections. Adios!


Nurul Afifah said...

That is an interesting analogy for studying. I do underwent those routine-ness but when you put it this way, surprisingly, I don't feel that it ever bores me out. I think maybe because how our lecturers are just amazing and the chance to hang out with friends discussing things we passionate about. Also because the consistent little escapes I have to make sure I didn't burn myself out of stress.

Ana Fatihah said...

Good analogy. Bila dikaitkan dengan makanan mudah sikit nak paham. Hehe
Rutin yang sama dan berulang-ulang tapi dengan niat kerana Allah inshaAllah takkan bosan. :)

faten.banana said...

Glad it did, because I feel the same way too! And yeah another reason because we're doing things we passionate thus making the knowledge-digging experience like a roller coaster ride, thrilling!

faten.banana said...

Allahu, Inn Shaa Allah. Makanan ni semua orang suka hahahahaha

Lya Amie said...

Wow you do make me realize of my same daily routine actually wasn't the same after all.
Kena sangat studying relate dengan makan tu!

faten.banana said...

Hahahahahaha glad it did XD (trying to spread positivity here!) Hiks, makanan biasanya semua orang boleh relate :D

Flavnesz said...

Your analogy is superb..Somehow it's giving me some new spirit.. XD

faten.banana said...

Let's work hard, shall we? XD

BudakVanilla said...

agreed. yeahhh. lets study smart and a lil bit hard. hahahaha :D
all the best in ur study life okay :)

faten.banana said...

hahahahaha thanks! and you too! :D

Amer Ridzuan said...

Do you know how to say Uh-May-Zing in a swager way? It should be A-Mer-Zing hahahahhahaha.. Btw I think I'm going to write about the perks of being a Biotech deree students too. Let people know the struggles :')

faten.banana said...

good one XD

oh you should, I wanna know precisely how 'nerd' you guys are lol jk XD

FARAHZ said...

Good luck and all the best fatin! I also nag a lot, to my friends, my family, roommate, housemate during the first week. Dealing with homesick. My first week of degree is the worst part of my degree life hehe. But your analogy is amazing! I'm taking multimedia computing, am I considered a language student too? I've to learn lots of computer language kot hahaha XD

faten.banana said...

Thanks, good luck to you too!

Well, yes it could! Lol since both of you understand each other hahahahah