Thursday, 2 February 2017

[review] If I Fix You by Abigail Johnson

Title: If I Fix You
Author: Abigail Johnson
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 304
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Type: Stand-alone


I finished reading this one since the last two week as I have mentioned in my previous entry. I can write it straight away but the thing is, from the moment I stumbled upon the first page. I feel like wanting to capture the quote into picture ._. so I edit few of my favorite quotes from the book into graphics picture. Well, whatever you name it. But life caught on, I got a week of Taaruf Week to be attend and a week of adapting myself to this so called new environment.

At last, times to chill.

As you can see from the synopsis - yes, it tells the starting line of the plot, where all the cracks later turned into a major broken pieces of Jill.  It wasn't only caused by a single person. Frankly speaking, she is badly heartbroken. Yet thinking she's not. She's trying to fix things, people and Daniel but not herself. Which later makes everything worst.

Part of it. Lol, because some things are meant to be broken for it to be better <3

I was a bit perplexed between the love line. Sure, this novel has love triangle between Sean x Jill x Daniel. Sean is sarcastic like how every best-friend-forever should be once in awhile ._. He's playing hot and cold, without realizing the mess than soon coming genuinely almost break everything.

Jill is good. She is trying to fix her relationship with Sean which I think is beyond fix-able phase because what he just did is a grave mistake. If I am in her shoe, I would not even spare a glance toward him. I might even decide to move away from him.

It just deadly mistake to our relationship and you, out of anyone is the one who did this. You.

Fuh, emosi jap. Luckily, I'm not Jill.

Daniel? Well, he's a bit complicated. He, literally, a world need to be explore. He yearns for love but he scared to give love. He spares quite a distance between himself and Jill, drawing a line to refrain himself from falling deeper (NO YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS, YOU HAD TO GO FOR IT!)

Ouch, my poor hearteu.

Besides the character, I should give a round of applause for the theme played. Mainly focus on heartbroken phases,it just us, people trying to fix the broken pieces of our self. Almost every single character shares the same diagnosis, they are broken. This book talks about family relationship beyond blood, of moving on, of being open to fix the broken us.

Of to dare protecting our loves one.

This book is beautifully written. From the moment I start reading the first page, I'm in love. Have you ever feel like highlighting every single word in a book because everything seem so fitting, so pure and beautiful. Abigail Johnson is so good in describing emotions, I love the way she played with words to describe certain things. Just the way I like it. Metaphors.

And this is only her debut novel ._. Her next book entitled 'The First To Know' would be published in the next few months. I'm looking forward for it!

The last book I fell in love so teroks would be 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' series by Jenny Han. (Waiting for the last installment of this series by the way.)

I'm trying to work on my reading capacity, meaning; reading a lot within certain period of time. But yeah, let see.

Have a nice day with your fictional prince!

Later, thank you.

Miss me? Lol.


Abigail Johnson said...

Thank you so much for the review and gorgeous graphics! Would you be willing to let me share some of them on my social media accounts?

faten.banana said...

This is just a small token of gratitude towards your writing compared to what the novel have done to me! XD Of course you can. In fact, I'm over the moon right now!

BudakVanilla said...

the graphics always on point, love it :D
this book seem interesting :)

Flavnesz said...

You manage to attract me to get this book now.. Voucher buku, please appear faster..! ==

Nurul Rasya said...

the pictures are all so pretty :)

if you don't mind, what kind of major are you taking as your degree?

because I can totally see you having a career as graphic designer

Eyqa Zq said...

I want this book! And the graphic was really pretty. <3

faten.banana said...

thaaaaank you :'D It is! It has a lot of things, it talks about emotions and stuff more to be explore ._.

faten.banana said...


lol, yes voucher buku please appear faster! XD

faten.banana said...

thank yooooooou ! :')

hahahahaha, definitely nothing with graphics and design involved ._.

faten.banana said...

thank youuuuu a bunch! you should get the book because imma tell you its sooooo goood ._.

FARAHZ said...

I want to read this book! But I currently have 8 books that I didn't manage to read. I wish I have more time to read book :(

Adam said...

Its not a matter of no time to read. Its because u hv many books to read.

Adam said...

Its not a matter of no time to read. Its because u hv many books to read.

faten.banana said...

just read whenever you feels like reading ._. tbh, i wish i had more time to spend on reading leisure materials too but yeah 'prioroties' guys ._.

goodluck, may Allah ease everything Farahz!

Siqah Hussin said...

Faten membuatkan siqah nak beli buku ni! Hehe. Thank you for the nice review :)akan dimasukkan dalam list buku nanti :)

faten.banana said...

hahahahaha elok lah tu, motif utama memang nakbuat orang nak baca buku pun hiks XD