Monday, 13 February 2017

041: new habit and a thought


I might get hit with the ‘what actually goes linger around your mind this time? Cause man, I don’t understand’. I simply take a walk on last Sunday around my campus, alone as per usual. Packed with my camera (no, I do not own DSLR) on my backpack, black sport shoes and a slack intead of tracksuit because – I do not know. It was 6 in the evening, breezy evening,  when I decided to leave the room. Everyone gone anyway so it doesn’t matter.

I remembered going around the route outside Kuliyyah of Education, stumbled upon a river along the path where a few people go fishing there. I keep walking, sharing the route with sisters and brothers who exercise or simply jogging.  Keeping my gaze around the nature instead because you know, exchanging gaze with strangers could be burdensome sometimes. As in, should I smile or not, would they smile back or shyly ignored me? Or refuse to show me any expression because ‘I just had a terrible day, so excuse my grumpiness.’

Too much troubled.
No, I’m joking. Lol, I love smiling at strangers <3

"Pandang atas tengok apa? Jangan risau, takde buah durian akan jatuh atas kepala awak."

I fall into this habit of intense-ly staring at something above me when I deeply thinking (or thinking lol). Just for your information, if you accidentally met a girl who keeps looking up towards the sky while walking; she is not crazy. It is just something she enjoys to do. Things that bring tranquility to as she believed, a solemn world. She had a lot to ponder and wonder about life yet finding everything in this world is fascinating to try on. Its like putting on your first high heels, not knowing those sparkling shoes she used to despise would aww her at the end of the day.

Or maybe, its like having your first bite of dark chocolate – ignorant to the taste which is so different from the normal Cadbury (or Vochelle) bite you have. The richness yet so bitter in taste hit all the senses in you, but you likes it.

Unexpected surprise.

Unexpected likeliness on the expected hatred.
Isn’t that what life supposed to do to you?



Eyqa Zq said...

I tot u gonna say: "Just for your information, if you accidentally met a girl who keeps looking up towards the sky while walking; thats me."

Hehehe. Joking. sometimes its okay to ponder. :D

Flavnesz said...

I love to do the same, walking around the nature and just look up to the sky, simply do nothing.. Had a friend whom had a similar habit, we would just hang out at the balcony at night and just look at the sky while talking, sometimes trying to guess the stars.. Sigh.. I miss doing those stuff..

faten.banana said...

lol me trying to hiding the truth wouldn't be a success than >.< describing myself from a third point of view sounds waaaaaaaay cooler XD

faten.banana said...


Puteri said...

I love looking at the sky too! But I still need to look what's infront of me. I think I need another pair of eyes lol

Flavnesz said...

I wanted to but since I changed my rented house from an apartment to a double-storey without a balcony, it's not fun to do so.. :/

faten.banana said...

*high five* kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan? that sound unrealistically realistic (or the other way around lol who knows)

zahi ♡ said...

saaaaame I love looking at the sky, the clouds, and smile like a fool. selalu dalam kereta bila nampak awan akan ckp "tengok tu comelnya awan!" tapi takde orang layan haha well i guess they just don't feel the same xD

BudakVanilla said...

looking at the sky sometime makes me feel so good, i donno why the feeling so soothing, maybe the sky looks clean or what, but yeah SUBHANALLAH :)

btw, i love vochelle dark chocolate with mint :D

faten.banana said...

I smile like a fool too ._. (plus when in a place full with books)

hahahahaha they just do not share our muutual feelings, yet. They will, soon <3

faten.banana said...

Universal healer, kot? *sengih*

I like the plain one, or with nuts - havent tried that one, is it good? (lol it must be good then)

That Ravenclaw said...

i can totally relate to you! honestly staring at the sky gives me so much chill especially when the colours of the sky are rare than usual which is blue!! i hate making eye contacts too like omg what should i do, should i smile or look somewhere else??