Saturday, 7 January 2017

[challenge] #7: my books-wish-list


          Since the last flood that happened in 2014 washed away all my novels and books collection, I hardly collect any of them now. Tsk. I only have few HLOVATE's, two English novel (The Night Rainbow given by Zaa + Nocturne which I bought last month) three random Malay novels and that's it, I guess. I don't even feels like reading since I got into foundation, probably because there's too much thing I need to do (like watching drama....................) Hiks.

          Take a deep breath and click the re-start button.


          2017 would be the year I wish I could revive from my reading slump. One of the things I wish I could cross this time (since I failed my 50 books challenge miserably last year) is to collect this few books. I can hear the money flowing already. 

          To be honest, I do not know how I should get this done. You see here, I plan to start saving after all this year of not being discipline enough when it comes to handling money. Let just say, reality had already whisper 'start saving', slowly yet creepily.

            I will manage somehow, let's keep the receipts, discount alert and any major books festivals shall we?


This is unplanned. I went to SMO Bookstore back few days ago and man their GempakStarz collection is hugeGempakStarz had always been associated with Graphic Novels , comics (at least by me lol) However, I found out that they actually did have a collection of 'Novel Ringan' under Magic Bean Starz as they called. I even had to act like a spy in SMO, opened the plastic cover just to make sure IT IS A NOVEL WITH WORDS AND PARAGRAPHS and put it back carefully in the plastic. 

 I was going to buy DOTS1, because why not? The last time I bought graphic novels from GempakStarz would be around 2014. Well, I don't anyway as I suddenly got a jolt of realization (of-no-you-need-to-buy-another-things-and-its-super-important

I really adore the scripts and screenplay for DOTS. The screenwriter, Kim Eun Sook is just so brilliant. As a big fan of DOTS, I want to experience and cherish the drama in written form. If you happened to have DOTS OSTs Album (which I don't) you probably noticed that the novel follows the same color, white for Vol. 1 and black for Vol. 2.
Namamu is, yes, as you guessed from the movie Kimi No Na Wa (Alt: Your Name). I haven't watch the movie but the review had been crazy. Soon, I am going to watch it real soooooon (wait 243888#4 hours until the day of undergraduate's registration, so me)

Kirimkan Impian Aku Kepada Kau, looks angsty and I apparently love everything that can be associated with angsty and the word 'impian' on it. Sorry, not sorry. Lol.

Ratu Bulan Nurfa

She is one of the writers I love since forever. Em, more like since 'Aku, Dia dan Gitar' sebenarnya. I did collect most of her pieces however, flood and not to forget how I-Do-Not-Know-Who actually almost ripped Hikayat Cinta to pieces. I thought it wasn't glued to the spine when I received it back.

Hikayat Cinta is centered around basketball (and love), the author did publish few chapter of the sequel; Romeo Yang Hilang. Aw, cheesy lol let's wait until Adam Alexander got tortured. Slayed. I wasn't that fond over Hikayat Cinta at first, but then after I re-read it, I fall in love with the plot.

Prince Charming, is the first novel I bought with my own money. It is centered around football and if you love something mystery, disalut dengan romcom lol. This is purfect. Nazrul, well yes. Nazrul is definitely a yes.

So yeah, I need this two babies back. 

Jemari Seni


I am a huge Jemari Seni's trash. Hlovate's pieces mainly distributed under Jemari Seni. Besides, this publication would actually teach you  a lesson that 'don't judge a book by it's cover' is real. Under JSTORY, you could find English novel written by our local writers. One of the publisher aside BUKUFIXI who did start publishing english novel.

I have read Lazuardi, but for the other three I did not. Lazuardi, I would say a typical romantic comedy pieces but I adore how the story being told. I mean, Shark? Why not.

English Novels

#1 Jenny Han

I have been following this series and the last installment of them would be coming soon [Always and Forever]. I downloaded the series via ibookpile, for the previous two. Wish that they would sell this series in box set, I would gladly bought it lol. It's been my dream to have their box set :')

#2 Rainbow Rowell

I HAVEN'T READ ANY RAINBOW ROWELL'S. I did tried Landline, a part of it, which I later decided to stop because it didn't suite my tea. People had been telling me that Eleanor and Park is a 'must-read' novel since ages, so maybe? Carry On is on the other side captive me in a way I do not even want to talk about. I thought the genre fall into LGBT at first (I don't know why I have that thought) but turned out its not. 

I heard the characters in Rainbow Rowell's Carry did appear in her Fangirl novel, also written by her.

Besides, *ehem* BookXcess Online had copies of Rainbow Rowell's for only RM17.90 each. Hiks. Almost 50% off. Or more.

#3 Kazuo Ishiguro

I decided to explore more Kazuo Ishiguro's pieces after reading (not finish yet) Nocturnes.

 Boleh tak kalau aku cakap aku sebenarnya rasa tercabar bila baca novel ditulis oleh Pak Cik ni? :') I can't entirely grab the message and it's sad. On the other hand, I did enjoy reading the stories and its weird.

  Never Let Me Go, if I'm not mistaken had already being adapted into movie. Haven't got the chance to watch it. I might get a copy of The Buried Giant first out of these three, only because of curiousity.

#4 Classics



The last Classic novel I read is The Prince and The Pauper written by Mark Twain. Borrowed it from my university library but because I am so occupied (assignment and stuff and meeting the three weeks due of borrowing it) which later resulted in me only able to finish only half of it. Remind me of the Barbie series by the way, only with a slight not the standard language we used currently. 

It's classic novel kan. Nasib aku tak start baca Shakespeare lagi though sejak tengok TW-Drama Evil Minds aku rasa nakbaca King Lear,badly. Rasa boleh menangis kalau baca Shakespeare :') sebab barely faham.

The thing is, I cannot read classic novels in digital form, its better in physical form. I do not feels that comfy. Its me je kan?


Jane Austen, aku rasa nakbaca sangat dia punya collection. Especially Emma dengan Sense & Sensibility. Setakat ni aku survey, mahu rabak jugaklah kalau beli individually. Novel Jane Austen ni nipis kecik comel je. Kalau beli a collection yang dibukukan kepada satu terus lagi murah, RM 80++ tapi would you bring the almost-like-a-dictionary novel in term of thickness anyway. No, you dont :') Box Set almost, RM540++. Penguin Classics hardcover taksilap :') The lowest one would cost around RM300++. Mungkin, kumpul satu-satu lah kot :') 

Charles Dicken's Great Expectation pun saya rasa nakbaca macam mana ni T____T Bronte's sister punya works pun :')

The Great Gatsby, well sebab aku sangat enjoy the movie. Jadi, sama macam DOTS, aku rasa nakbaca versi novel.


So here it is, the list of book I would like to have in 2017 (mungkin impossible untuk dapat semua dalam tahun ni) 

1. [Kim Eun Sook / Kim Won Suk / Son Hyun Kyoung] Descendants Of The Sun 01
2. [Kim Eun Sook / Kim Won Suk / Son Hyun Kyoung] Descendants Of The Sun 02
3. [Story By: Makoto Shinkai] Namamu
4. [Comics By: Joi] Kirimkan Impian Aku Kepada Kau
5. [Novel Ratu] Hikayat Cinta
6. [Novel Ratu] Prince Charming
7. [Syud] Vignette
8. [Xenia Zidane] Lelaki Bona Fide
9. [Zinnita] Once Upon A Bucket List
10. Lazuardi by Nasz
11. [Jenny Han] To All The Boys I've Loved Before Series
      To All The Boys I've Loved Before
      PS I Still Love You
      Always and Forever
12. [Rainbow Rowell] Carry On
13. [Rainbow Rowell] Eleanor and Park
14. [Kazuo Ishiguro] The Remains Of The Day
15. [Kazuo Ishiguro] The Buried Giant
16. [Kazuo Ishiguro] Never Let Me Go
17. [Jane Austen] Mansfield Park
18. [Jane Austen] Pride and Prejudice
19. [Jane Austen] Sense and Sensibility
20. [Jane Austen] Northanger Abbey
21. [Jane Austen] Emma
22. [Jane Austen] Persuasion
23. [Charlotte Bronte] Jane Eyre
24. [F. Scott Fitzgerald] The Great Gatsby

What about you? 

lol, I might even consider to buy it :') takpun menangis dihujung penjuru.


Flavnesz said...
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Flavnesz said...

Hikayat cinta and Prince charming are my favourite!!!! Tak pernah bosan repeat those novel and Nazrul's and Alex's characteristic, memang buat angau.. -.-
But I have to admit, JS books memang awesome, walaupun cover dia macam, alahai..
Rainbow Rowell is one of my favourite english writer, And Eleanor and Park sangat recommended.. Carry on belum baca lagi.. Just owned 2 of her books.. So next year might be buying carry on and some other english novels

zaatira zainuddin said...

WEIHHHH SAMAAAAA. i can't finish Landline & also aleanor & park T^T

faten.banana said...


cover dia tu em mungkin tu yg jadi remarkable (?) kot hahahaha

I don't really like Cecelia Ahern but after reading 'The Time Of My Life', I fell in love instantly. Lol, hoping Rainbow Rowells Eleanor and Park would do the same! Thanks btw :D

faten.banana said...

lol soulmate sep XD gonna try Eleanor and Park try, soon real soon.

Lya Amie said...

I unfortunately never read any of those you mentioned haha since I bukannya bookworm sangat haha

Semoga dapat beli/baca all the book list you want yar!

faten.banana said...

takpe, sekarang dah tahu XD

hahahahaha thanks a lot, gotta strive for it :D

Eyqa Zq said...

For a sec, i tot namamu was a japanese words refer to a city name or a place, then baru realize it was a malay word. Lols.

Our book genre preference was way too contrast hahaha. But I'm glad I finally found another die hard book fans on earth. Good luck on your wishlist faten.

Fatina said...

Jenny Han's books! I really want to read all of her series, it is in my wishlist too :D

Btw, have you read, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell? I heard its good :)

faten.banana said...

EH IT DID MAKE SENSE LOL (lepastu gelak sorang2 XD)

well, me too and thanks!

faten.banana said...

Another 5559776 reasons you should read em'! XD

Unfortunately, nope. I only read a few chapters of Landline and I gave up. I did heard it good too! Thanks for the suggestion by the way!