Tuesday, 24 January 2017

[challenge] #24: a dream, count me in.


24 had always been my favorite number. It started as a very special date for few of my friends but then I just grew special attachment to the number. Lol, funny aite? How those kind of inter-related things could bring another meaning for yourself. 

Talking about dreams and so. I would like to have my very own book café here in my town. A book store where I can provide books from any languages and state at least, because café really is not my things aside I love caffeinated drink (carbonated drinks or coffee, you named it). The catalyst? If you stay around my area – it is hard to get a copy of English books or any language aside Bahasa Melayu. The only option that you have is by going to KBMALL in Kota Bharu, speaking about super long almost 2 hours journey to get a copy of English book. That, if you live in Kuala Krai. Imagine if you live in Gua Musang which is a lot farther than my area.

Nowadays, maybe you can go purchase it online. 

But still, aren’t handpicked book smells the best? Hiks.

I want to provide books around my area first. I want to encourage people to read, even comics sekalipun because man – I learnt a lot by reading comics. The only bookstores with many branches in Kelantan is Syarikat Muda Osman (SMO). They only supplied Malay books up until a year ago because the last time I went there (which is a week ago), they had started to sell English books. However, the collection is still minimal – Girl Online: On Tour by Zoe Sugg and a compilation of William Shakespeare’s plays.

I remembered, one of the things that my lecturer asked me before, out of curiousity, really. We were talking about few issues regarding Kelantan situation, mainly education and development at the moment when she suddenly asked, “How can you grow to like English and choose to pursue your study in, as a Kelantanese?” We talked about how Kelantanese usually had problems in English but I can’t recalled the exact words (duh why now) Which I answered that I had always like English and maybe at some point because I wasn’t Kelantanese through and through which makes her “Patutlah!” and laughed. Sure, I had Kelantanese blood (from my mom), however the first thirteen years of my life, I was raised in Selangor. (Now you know why I can’t use Kelantanese dialect without sounding weird uhuks) 

I wasn’t raised in a English-speaking-environment, from the day I was born up until I was 18 (considering I’m in Selangor now, uh?). I can be considered coming from underprivileged family. My family do not speak English, we just don’t. Nowadays, I tried to use English to get my sibling familiarize with the plain normal English conversation though they still struggling. 

The first time I registered in my university, seeing almost everyone speaks in English almost got me choked up lol but since I have the face of no-i-don’t-bother, really helped lol. And I tried to speak English a lot that day fuh I’m good at pretending to be good. There’s one time where a friend of mine apparently shocked when I said that my mom work as a cleaner and my father work as a printer then later asked “Tapi macam mana awak boleh speaking English?” Cough. Stereotype people, stereotype.

Even Jade dalam Rooftop Rant terror English belajar dari komik :D 

There’s one thing though, my grammar is still horrible. I’m still building up my vocabulary and phrasal usage. My lecturer said that the best way to learn grammar is to read a lot. However, we used to read for content solely – not the structure. I tried to change the habit, which in exchange does not only works for grammar improvement but appreciation over the sentence structures.

I gotta wreck my body this year :)

p/s: Pandai Uni saya pilih 24th of January as the day of registration :') 


Syazwani Izzati said...

I can relate to this post! There have been so many times when my foreign friends came up to me and asked how my friends and me can speak in English. ^_^"

I had this one classmate who acquired an American English accent just by watching and imitating from cartoon characters throughout her childhood! I don't think where you're from has largely to do with the fluency of your English proficiency.

Lya Amie said...

Hey let's do a collab on book-art cafe as I'm dreaming of building an art cafe hehe

I totally can relate on bad English. I still am not good at speaking actually :/

Nurul Rasya said...

my English is really bad but then I came to Japan and everyone here well, not everyone but majority has a lower proficiency than mine so I got some kind of major confidence booster lol.

zaatira zainuddin said...

24th is my birthday! hahahaha

faten.banana said...

I used to watch a lot of Vlogger when I was in secondary school too! XD I'm not that fluent to be honest, sometimes I'm struggled to find the correct word to express, but nah everything can be learnt :DD

faten.banana said...

It's a deal hahahahahaha XD Me too, I still struggled sometimes, nevertheless, lets work hard to be a better English speaker! XD

faten.banana said...

hahahahaha man, thats witty. but then, you must be good at japanese lol

faten.banana said...

you know, well, you know.

Aisyah Az said...

My bff loves 24 also. Hai fatin! Miss you and your blog :) all the best dear

faten.banana said...

Hi Kak Echa! It's been super long time hiks, all the best to you too! :D

FARAHZ said...

Me too. My grammar is disaster, seriously. Everytime nak write/speak mesti fikir eh betul ke grammar ni? Hahaha. Tapi kalau tak try sampai bila kan? No one cares pun actually bila kita speaking tapi grammar tak betul haha. Btw, good luck with your book cafe :) InsyaAllah one day your dream will come true.

faten.banana said...

Betul, kalau takcuba; naktunggu sampai grammar betul-betul perfect tip top marvelous sampai ke sudah tak bercakap/menulis dalam bahasa asing XD

Thank you, goodluck working on your dream too!