Sunday, 29 January 2017

040: A new page


The Bai'ah Ceremony and whenever we had to sing the university song. I could feel the weight of responsibility brought by the lines/lyrics of the song. The Bai'ah - oath, the Students Oath we pledged during the ceremony successfully sent shivers down my spine. The echoes. It's crazy.

A year ago, I was in Foundation of English Language and now I am moving on to the next phase of my life. (Aside from being 20) Lol. There is nothing wrong with me being twenty but I keep mentioning this. Accept the fact please, Fatin.

Things I have learnt along this week:

1. I am neutral.
Have you ever been place, right in the middle – jaded between the feeling of ‘this is wrong’ and ‘this is true’? Where there is no definite answer, an open-based question. 

I cannot hate people through and through because no matter how bad they are – their kindness would linger in my mind. So when the committee’s of Ta’aruf Week for my batch TaWe were bashed for their work design (?), I cannot solely blame them because we, the new intake students make mistakes too. Human are infallible. But we refused to acknowledge that aside from having zero experience in managing a programme. Thus, the ignorant on certain behind-the-scene, from our side. Nevertheless, the ending was perfect!

Turned up, I am neutral almost all the times. Few entries behind, I did mentioned about the struggles I faced when my mind became saturated with too much information on the mass media.

I rarely talk about politics. However, I do enjoy intellectual discussions (no throwing paper at you friend) which obviously would include Politics once in awhile. I even had consider one delusional dream of minoring in Political Sciences lol. 

I’m not.

2. Ask, go approach some strangers if you do not know. The least they could do is offer you the wrong direction. 
3. Having a company is fine.
4. You have to work really hard. 
5. Do what you believe is true; sometimes, you just need to be selfish in order to not hurting the other parties at the end.


Nurul Afifah said...

Im lost. Are you a member of the committees? Regardless, we gotta accept that we make mistakes but never let that one fall dictate you as a whole person. Being neutral is good enough way to work around because it lets us absorb more information better with no bias. I'm in love with number 3. Sometime I thought myself didnt need or didnt deserve one but I always forget it is so good to always a someone.

Flavnesz said...

I'm neutral in political matters too and I agree, sometimes we need to be selfish.. :)
Well, at least, I'm selfish for survival

Eyqa Zq said...

I am neutral too. :D agree on 3, 4 and 5.

4 for earning respect but I never pushing myself too hard by knowing our own limitation.

No 3 was actually true. ^^ Everyone deserve a company.

faten.banana said...

Me too! I thought I didn't need one too, but turned up it's really good to have someone to talk to or just sitting besides you lol.


I'm not in my right mind --' already rephrase certain part, probably because I write it right in the middle of the night ;v

faten.banana said...

High five! XD True yeah its true, we need to survive!

faten.banana said...

It's good to push your limitations once in a while, ya know ._. Comfort zone sometimes would be the most dangerous area for our ability to grow ._. (a reminder to myself)

kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan? everyone deserve a company, why I did not realize this earlier? XD

Nurul Rasya said...

your pictures are always pretty. How do you edit it?

faten.banana said...

I only used Photoshop and adjust (Image > Adjustment > Curve) Learnt it via Kak Nana Johari's blog but man, I'm bad at taking pictures >.<

zahi ♡ said...

agree with 2! dulu ego tinggi sangat malas nak tanya org lepas a few incidents tersilap sebab malas tanya, i've finally learnt that it won't hurt to ask. Lepastu ada mindset "takpe, stranger ni bukan kenal kau pun, ntah2 ni last jumpa dia" XD

faten.banana said...

betuuuuul, 'nanti takjumpa pun' punya mindset but then, ada sekali den mintak tolong a group of strangers pastu terjumpa balik lol pastu tanya progress keje kitorang XD

Lya Amie said...

It's okay to keep mentioning 20 coz it's really is a big 'next phase' for us, it make us feel more adult. Hiks.

Syazwani Izzati said...

Have to agree with your points! In fact, when I first entered degree, I wasn't aware that such matters are crucial if we want to get around university life and actually SURVIVE it. And the most important part is that despite forcing ourselves to change to the new environment and different working routine, staying to who we want to be is a big deal too.

faten.banana said...

Hahahaha, thank you for understanding ._. I keep doing it accidentally, though XD

faten.banana said...

Yes, to not lose our identity in the process of getting around our environment would be a great deal, cannot agree more ._. We want to change but at the same time, doesn't want to lose the things that make us, the 'us'.

Nevertheless, let's pray for the best XD

Adam said...

I never read love story. Will try. For a start, where can i get this book: if i fix you?

Adam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
faten.banana said...

this is weird, why did u comment in this page instead? lol

well, u shouuuuuuuuuuld ._. once in a while, bookdepository do have this online, or you can just check it in mph.

Adam said...

Sorry sebab komen kat silap entry.
So sorry.

Adam said...

Sorry sebab komen kat silap entry.
So sorry.