Thursday, 24 November 2016

036: My 5 Top Favourite OSTs


OST is an abbreviation/acronym that stands for Original/Official Sound Track. Music undeniably plays an important role to trigger emotions from audience, if we are talking about movies.  Sometimes, we don't even notice how these few songs be it with lyrics or simply just a strum of guitar being played as the background music, it gives effect to people. 

It triggers, it gives boost. Because without music, the movie kinda feels incomplete.
K, awkward.

I had peculiar taste, theres song that I love simply because of the emotion rushed over me rather than the singer or good lyrics only. It has been that way for a long time I never remember. These are few songs (more to come lol) of my favourites

Kanojo Wa Uso Wo Aishisugiteru [The Liar and His Lover] OSTs

I don't even remember why I decided to watch this movie other than because it has been too long in my folder. I fall instantly to all the songs in the movie >.< I can't pick which one I particularly like because I like all the songs. Basically, everything. Either its being sang by Crude Play, Riko, or simply being hummed by Aki. (Humming guys! I fall in love with hums.)

 Scholar Who Walks The Night OSTs

OSTs, honestly doesn't only those with lyrics or being sang. It could also consist of melody/background music as I have mentioned earlier. Scholar Who Walks The Night is one of the dramas which have a really good music background that triggers emotion greatly. No argue, the wittiness, suspense, sadness, happy - well triggered :') even if you only listen to the song.

Without You by BEAST is my favourite, I think it is the main OSTs in the drama (correct me if I'm wrong) as for the background music, I really love Tears of the Flower, Hidden Heart and Waltz of Memory.

Jealousy Incarnate OST Part 3

Step Step by Suran is my favourite among the other! It gives me this sweet feelings which I don't know how to further describe. It is an English song. I guess, some might feels disturbed by the pronunciation of the lyrics but I found it cute. It radiates this jazz-ey feeling lol. I listened a lot to this song when I want to write fictions, for inspiration.
Not to mention, the drama is worth a try too :) You might recalled your first unrequited love lol.

Descendants of The Sun OSTs

THIS ONE, everyone cannot argue how amazing the OSTs are from Always sang by Chen EXO featuring PUNCH to How Can I Love You by XIA Junsu.

They even did special stage in Music Bank lol! Besides, This Love by Davichi is also nominated for the Best OST in MAMA2016.

A Gentleman Dignity OST Part 5

My Love by Jonghyun CNBLUE is bae :') This song had been my favourite since forever, termasuklah its drama. Probably, the first OST I first pay attention to. Maybe, because of the guitar. I don't know. I just love it a lot.

So, what yours?


zaatira zainuddin said...

For you by exo, halucinations by jaang jae in and all scarlet heart ost

faten.banana said...

everyone keep saying that scarlet heart osts is good, tapi den taksempat checkout lagi except the actors :')

Intan Saffyna said...

hi saya datang singgah sambil follow sini :)