Tuesday, 26 April 2016

019: Attachment


I guess a part of me refuse to attach myself to any people. Maybe, I'm just afraid that soon, people would grow tired of me. Maybe, it just me. I decline any people going across the border I have drawn - barely, growing a bond where the end is unpredictable. It scares the heck of me. 

The states of being left alone by the end of the day. I guess, back then it is okay to feel lonely since somehow I need to get used it, hook or crook. But then, this semester taught me a lot of things. Things that challenged myself in a way that I had never predict would be happenings. 

Har, it's not like my previous semesters do not teach me anything.

I mean, we always learnt something throughout the time. However, this time, it's kinda different. I have few seniors graduating this semester and yeah being in class with them is a totally new experience - especially if they are super-talkative-cool-swag seniors. No, bukan nak bodek. Hahaha. There's few of them I grow attached to, something that I would never expect myself doing.

I mean. Well, we are talking about me.

And then, I realised the effect of breaking out from our comfort. At first, I do feels quite gloomy being around people I am not used to. Loner, as always but sweet as candies gitu. I grew out of it, by times.

TO ALL OF YOU; me glad knowing you. Thanks for being there despite my horrible characters, speech and any else. Thank you, for assisting and aspiring me to be a better person, a better Muslim. Thanks for all those wishes, du'a and opportunities helping me to keep inspired to be an author. Thanks for making feels like it's okay to have fun and chill in life sometimes. Few lessons learnt, even though in a hard way. Thanks again for always showering me with your support during my speeches. I cannot be more grateful. I love you guys, more and more and more I wish I should not.

Guys, I'm attached. 
To you.
Habislah korang XD

Introduction To Law - Section 709

ps: I do not have the pictures with my classmates from Research Skills and English L6 lulz, but basically - they are the same people.


zahi ♡ said...

Hai, saya ada tag awak utk join giveaway wanaseoby :)

Muhammad Alif said...

yang mana awk. adakah yg comel tu?