Sunday, 27 March 2016

017: a twist

Assalammualaikum ._.

Sebenarnya, dahlama takmenulis. Dah berkurun juga rasanya novel melayu aku taksentuh. Dua tiga bulan ni, hanya telan dan cerna novel klasik barat. Bukan selera, tapi aku paksa diri untuk terima. Lulz, lama-lama okay biar hanya sekerat yang aku hadam - selebihnya, tsk. 

Siapa kata Fatin taklawak? Lulz. #Hambar-ians

So, these past few days I have been swimming in a pool of Hlovate: Aa + Bb pastu berhenti sekejap sebab tetiba emosi dengan Benz Alif Sulaiman sobs. Rasa naktumbuk je mamat tu. Sama je dengan keadaan aku sekarang ei hahahaha joke joke, different boat different cabin, but in the same sea. See? Tiba-tiba. Lulz.

And reading, idk kinda stimulating I guess. Walaupun novel tu takhabis lagi dibaca, aku dah mula rasa triggers untuk menulis. Aku berhenti curah perasaan and thought dalam short stories sebab aku kurang senang dengan stail dan pattern aku apabila menulis. Terlalu pasif, in a way.

Fatin kan. 

Sekarang, aku mula berkira-kira. What makes a good piece of writing? I do acknowledge, it is important to have a good vocabulary and sentence structure. Of course, so does the content. Well, here's come the complicated thought then. 

Here's a thing. I believe, all writers write for the sake of having people to understand what they are trying to convey. But (the irony lol), a superb bombastic vocabulary makes people having a hard time to digest the matters. It's happen to me all the time (I choose to sleep then) Hahahahaha. K taklawak #Hambar-ians.

For some reason, I found it is hard to actually come up with a piece of writing which compasses all the component above. To be clear, I still believe it is doable. However, for a young writer like me (both in experience and skills sobs creys) I need to focus first on being able to relay the message while improving the arrangement and structure of the sentence. 

It is tangling and ridiculously hard to understand my own thought. (see, this sentence ain't in cohesion)

Just do our best. Whatever our resolution to the matter anyway :)


Nazihah@Jiha said...

kipidap! hihi

Duaenamsebelas said...

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou

Pour your heart out. Bleed!

faten.banana said...

@Nazihah@Jiha @duaenamsebelas well thankseuuuuuu :'D

zaatira zainuddin said...

benz iz mah forevah husband material 😂

faten.banana said...