I prefer to be called as Fatin (read: Fateen) anything other than that, (mostly) would not be entertained. A 20 years old girl swimming through a sea of people. Barely living but surviving, her first semester in bachelor degree somewhere located in Malaysia. 

Takcukup 'sado' nakbelajar oversea lagi. Lol. 

Ambivert yet inclined to introverted side. I enjoy solitude with a loud music banging through the earphone. I read whenever I feel like reading something (almost every time). This might sound old-fashion but I usually keep a physical copy of newspaper inside my super heavy bag that I thought gonna break my shoulders. 

I love the soulful sound made by the ocean waves crashing the seashore. I adore the bright sky as much as I love writing. I even write short story, drabble once in awhile to let out my running emotion. Note that I am not a good writer. I made posters, again, sometimes. I love any hues of blue. I listened to KPop, I watched Korean Drama and Japanese movies because I have the urge to cry myself out by means of watching them. 

Naturally, I'm a person full with curiosity which might promote me as a sceptical. I'm not.

Uhm, well, might?

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